Archer Spade Spectrum Ensemble Matinee Series Video and Audio

Hi Everyone!

In January 2016 Nick Millevoi and I under our banner of Archer Spade produced a series of four Sunday afternoon concerts for our new large ensemble, the Spectrum Ensemble, we called The Archer Spade Spectrum Ensemble Sunday Matinee Series. Over these four amazing concerts, each taking place in a different part of the city, the members of this 24 person ensemble performed together in all sorts of combinations: from 17-musician improvising large groups, to intimate small groups, to a great showcase of already existing groups that the members formed on their own.

Here’s a taste, but please visit the Archer Spade Performance Series page for much more!

I want to send a huge thank you to all the wonderful musicians and everyone who came out to the shows. Each show was unique and really showed off the huge talent of the Philadelphia experimental music community! And thanks to Christopher Andrew, Kinan Faham, Barry Knob, and Eric Carbonara for their documentation help!

Archer Spade will be debuting a new Bandcamp page with audio more concerts and link to purchase our album coming very soon so stay tuned to this page!