Announcing Radiants Other Klezmer Music Podcast – Michael Winograd

I’m thrilled to release Radiant Others: A Klezmer Music Podcast into the world!

I hope you’ll join me as I sit down for in-depth and informal conversations with musicians and other artists whose work has made them an integral part of the klezmer world. With this podcast, I want to give folks who were instrumental in the period of time most of us call the “klezmer revival” a platform to tell their stories and share their ideas about music. The time I spent listening and talking to the musicians in this world who I looked up to was completely integral to who I am today as a musician and a person. Even just listening to the stories of these folks late at night places like at Klezkamp and Klezkanada made a big impact on me when I was coming of age. I hope listening to these conversations can provide you all with some of that same inspiring feeling I had back then.

The first episode features one of my closest friends and musical collaborators, Michael Winograd. Michael is one of the top klezmer clarinetists around. He’s an incredibly creative, hardworking and prolific guy, and I wouldn’t be where I am without him. We’ve played so much music together for so long and in so many contexts and genres. I think he’s the perfect conversation partner to start this show off right!

I will be releasing these episodes in mini-seasons or 3-4 episodes each, once every two weeks for the duration of the season. I plan on offering these seasons every couple months, so this first season will debut this month, and then my plan is to have a set of new episodes for you in October. That’s my current plan, and I expect to re-evaluate as I get deeper into this.

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Thank you for listening and stay tuned for our next episode in 2 weeks!!!

Dan Blacksberg

Musical Selections for Episode 1:
Sher 199 & Freilachs for Gwen Stefani from Bessarabian Hop
Murder & Kolomeyke from Storm Game

You can find out more about Michael Winograd at

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