Live from Klezkanada ’17! Shura Lipovsky/Josh Waletsky

Welcome everyone, to the 4th episode of the Radiant Others Klezmer music Podcast!! This episode also marks the beginning of our 2nd mini-season!

Today I’m excited to present two conversations with two great Yiddish singers, Shura Lipovsky and Josh Waletsky. Shura and Josh both compose new Yiddish songs and each in their own way, show off some of the best of what Yiddish song has to offer. We talk about European Judaism, communist summer camps, the early days of Kapelye, and writing new Yiddish songs. Really great stuff.


Shura: From her album Vaytinke
Dushinke Mayne

Di Tsayt

Josh: From his new album Pasazhirn/Passengers

The 99%

Gut Morgn

Huge thank you to everyone who’s listened and shared the previous episodes. You can find them here, or by scrolling down to earlier posts on this page.