Live From Klezkanada #2 2017 Episode 5 – Mark Slobin

Welcome everyone, to the 5th episode of the Radiant Others Klezmer music Podcast!!

I had the pleasure of talking to ethnomusicologist and historian Mark Slobin at Klezkanada back in August. We had a great talk about the arc of cultural revivals, the creation of Ethnic identity in the US, and of course, the early days of the klezmer scene.

Anyone at Klezkanada will remember the torrential downpour that happened during this interview. Mark and I might get a little shouty at times in the middle of this episode, when the rain was coming down the hardest.

This is the first time I’ve interviewed someone who does not have their own musical output, so I offer for you a bunch of classic klezmer and Yiddish Tracks. All of these can be found on Youtube.

Song selections:

Abe Schwartz – Unzer Toirele
Nekhama Lifshsitz – Reyzele
Abe Schwartz – Ai Raci Ku Ne Draci
Lieutenant Josef Frankl’s Orchestra – Yiddish Blues
Naftule Brandwein – Der Heiser Bulgar