Live at Klezkanada 2017 #3 Episode 6 – Veretski Pass

Welcome everyone, to the 6th episode of the Radiant Others Klezmer music Podcast!!

What can I say about the band Veretski Pass? Veretski Pass takes its name from the mountain pass through which Magyar tribes crossed into the Carpathian basin to settle what later became the Austro-Hungarian Empire. These three musicians, Cookie Segelstein, Josh Horowitz, and Stu Brotman truly make up one of klezmer’s supergroups. Between the three of them they are founding members of seminal bands like Brave Old World and Budowitz and have been mainstays of festivals like Klezkamp and Klezkanada. I’m extremely impartial here: these are three of my favorite people, and favorite musicians in any genre.

Music Selections:

“Call to Gather” & “Yismekhu” from The Klezmer Shul Live

“Vinnister Sher” from Verestki Pass

“Hora Liora” & “Grass Widow” from Trafik

“Stanislaver Bulgar” from Verestki Pass

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Find out more about Veretski Pass here

Veretski Pass