Sanne Möricke

Hi everyone, the Radiant Others Podcast is back!

I’m so excited to share this conversation with the great klezmer accordionist Sanne Möricke, from Berlin. We got to talk back in November when we were working on a project (as yet unnamed) with Michael Winograd in Brooklyn.

Sanne is one of my favorite klezmer accordionists and talking with her was fantastic. She plays in a lot of really great European-based bands like Trio Yas, Khupe, and You Shouldn’t Know From It. I learned a lot from this conversation and I hope you will too.

Musical Selections:

Hora/Zhok (Möricke) – Unreleased

Heymisher (Trad/arr. Khupe) – Khupe/Heymisher

Hora (Debka) (Trad/arr. Khupe) – Eyns, Tsvey, Dray

Khasene (Trad/arr. Khupe) – Khupe/Heymisher

Let’s Trip (Möricke) – Unreleased

Honga (Trad/arr. Trio Yas) – Get Up! The Dance Album (On Sale March 9th!)

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