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This site is a place where you can find about trombonist and composer Dan Blacksberg. Above, you’ll see links to my bio, descriptions of and links to a wide variety of musical projects, sound samples, photos, and a store where you can purchase albums. The klezmer link in the upper right hand corner of the site is a full page dedicated to my work in that music. I have currently posted there some sound samples, and some resources for people who are trying to learn the traditional, single-note accompaniment style of klezmer music.


Looking ahead to summer 2014, there are many exciting things coming up:

Perilous Architecture, the Dan Blacksberg Trio’s second record, and our first in four years, will be released on Lithuania-based NoBusiness Records in Late July. NoBusiness also released my first trio record, which was also my first recording as a bandleader, so it’s a pleasure to continue this relationship with them. I want to thank everyone at the label for the great work they do and for continuing to support my music.

Around the same time, Haitian Rail, (formerly the Millevoi/Ricart Quartet) will release it’s second cd, Solarists featuring myself, Nick Millevoi on guitar, Ed Ricart on bass, and the great Kevin Shea on drums. This is a really awesome, burning record that was a blast to make. Definitely check it out.

There’s plenty more info and lots of sounds all around the website, so please browse around and enjoy!


Thanks for visiting,
Dan Blacksberg

  • UCross Residency

    I am currently one of the composers-in-residence at the UCross Foundation, located in UCross Wyoming! It is a fantastic, place to feel inspired and for getting work done. I will be away until May 24th. I look forward to sharing the results of the my work here with all of you!

    No shows booked at the moment.

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